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Country Name Link
Afghanistan Afghanistan Government
Albania Albanian Government
Algeria Presidency
Bahrain Government of Bahrain
Bangladesh Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Benin Government of Benin
Brunei Government of Brunei Darussalam
Cameroon Presidency
Chad Republic of Chad
Comoros Official Site of the Presidency of Comoros Union
Cote d'Ivoire Government of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire
Djibouti Official Site the Republic of Djibouti
Egypt Egyptian Presidency
Gabon Presidency of the Republic of Gabon
Gambia Office of the Gambian President
Guinea Official Site the Republic of Guinea
Guyana Presidency
Indonesia Government of Indonesia
Iran Presidency
Jordan Prime Ministry
Kazakhstan Presidency
Kyrgyzstan Government
Lebanon Presidency of the Republic of Lebanon
Malaysia Prime Ministry
Maldives Presidency
Mali Presidency of the Republic
Mauritania Government of Mauritania
Morocco Government
Mozambique Government of Mozambique
Niger Presidency
Nigeria Presidency
Pakistan Government of Pakistan
Palestine Palestine National Authority
Senegal Government of Senegal
Sierra Leone Government of Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone Presidency
Sudan Government Official Site
Tajikistan Presidency
Togo Government
Togo Presidency of the Republic
Tunisia The Tunusian Government
Türkiye Presidency
Türkiye Prime Ministry
Turkmenistan Government
Uganda Presidency
United Arab Emirates Government of United Arab Emirates
Uzbekistan Government of Uzbekistan
Yemen Government