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Economic Cooperation and Development Review Vol.5 No.2
Date : 17 October 2012

The present issue of Economic Cooperation and Development Review includes an interview with H.E. Ahmet Davutoğlu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey. The interview focused on the views of H.E. Davutoğlu on various national, regional and global issues such as the impact of the current Turkish foreign policy at the regional and international level, particularly the new Turkish policy of zero problems with neighbours. The interview also reflected the views of H.E. the Minister Davutoğlu on the issue of the Arab Spring, particularly the case of Syria, and the expected role of the OIC in fostering cooperation and solidarity in the Muslim world?

This issue also includes an article by Mr. Angel Gurría, Secretary-General of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). In his article titled “Supporting Inclusive Growth and Development with Better Policies for Better Lives”, Mr. Gurría presents his views on the role of the OECD in promoting policies aimed at improving the economic and social well-being of people around the world in Member as well as non-Member countries. In so doing, he emphasises the role of international and multilateral dialogue and cooperation through organizations such as the OECD, G20, OIC and others, which facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experiences and seeking solutions to common problems across countries at different stages of development.

In addition, SESRIC also contribute with two recent reports, namely: (1) Current Stance of Energy Resources and Potential in OIC Member Countries; and (2) Islamic Finance in OIC Member Countries.

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