List of SESRIC Books/Reports/Papers

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OIC Health Report 2013

The OIC Health Report 2013 provides a detailed analysis of the trends on major health indicators in the OIC Member Countries at the average OIC group level as well as at the individual country and OIC sub-regional levels. The report also highlights some health related issues in these countries such as health expenditures, the using of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in health sector “e-Health” and the OIC cooperation efforts and initiatives in the domain of health. The report emphasizes the significant improvement in health care coverage across OIC countries. However, it also underscores that, despite the positive trends, OIC member countries are still lagging behind the world and developing countries averages.

State of Agriculture and Food Security in OIC Member Countries 2013

Agricultural activities play an important role in the economies of OIC member countries, like those of many developing countries, in terms of not only employment and production, but also socio-economic development. More than one-third of the population in OIC member countries depend for their livelihood on agriculture, hunting, fishing and forestry. The member countries collectively possess a significant portion of the world agricultural land area. Yet, agricultural development and food security in the member countries continue to face a number of persisting problems and challenges which are yet to be overcome.