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Microfinance Institutions in the OIC Member Countries

Microfinance has been developed around the world as a popular poverty reduction strategy. Many pioneering MFIs all over the world have demonstrated that these institutions can deliver financial services to the poor that otherwise would not have access to these services. Various impact studies have reported the successful outcomes of microfinance programs in improving the incomes and reducing the vulnerability of the poor.

Education: Prospects and Challenges in the OIC Member Countries

In the rapidly changing world of today, with sweeping developments taking place in all facets of life, education is fundamental to the future prospects of most of the developing countries. Clearly, a good education policy must extend far beyond formal education, encompassing areas such as social policy, health policy and economic policy as well. Education does, however, remain at the core of human capital formation. The benefits of a good quality education not only provide returns to the individuals educated, but it also helps in alleviating poverty, facilitates economic growth and brings other social benefits to the society.