SESRIC Announcements

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OIC Intern applications have started

The OIC International Internship Program (OIC INTERN) has started receiving applications from students pursuing bachelor, masters and PhD degrees in Turkish universities.

'Call for Innovation via Transform Fund' will open on 1st April 2019

Transform Fund, a special Fund established by the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) to support its Member Countries in finding practical solutions to their key development challenges through the power of innovation, will open the second round for the “Call for Innovation under Transform Fund” on 1st April 2019.

Directory of National Institutions in OIC Member Countries (OIC-DIR)

SESRIC has developed an online Directory of National Institutions in OIC Member Countries (OIC-DIR), accessible through the dedicated page, to facilitate communication among the public institutions/public-benefit organisations in the OIC Member States with an aim at increasing the cooperation linkages.